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Boat northwest organization is multiplied for nothing east begin " green pornogr
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On November 9, 2007, the brigade that the culture in the “ east sky that to cooperate Dong Hang joint-stock company begins experiences activity of ” of week of · green environmental protection, cabin of boat northwest branch served ministry steward to join branch group east appoint of the organization go to head of black river source to develop “ green condition the experience of zoology of green environmental protection of ” of environmental protection travel and propaganda of environmental protection commonweal.

One big early, steward is in branch of Dong Hang northwest is round appoint below the leader's guiding, take rubbish bag to be located in the black river fountainhead of Xi'an environs oneself, cleared the rubbish of tourist bequeath. Popularize environmental protection knowledge to tourist conduct propaganda, advocate harmonious and person and natural harmonious evolution, hand-in-hand consciousness, advocate resource conservation to treasure an environment, practice environmental protection acts, build good home in all.

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