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The report said yesterday, age airline is punished with 150 thousand yuan by place of bureau of Jinan city price odd, the reason is “ age ” “ is rolled out on course of Shanghai flying Jinan ” of a yuan of airline ticket. A yuan of airline ticket sells only gave 400 pieces to leave the market.

Bureau of Jinan city price gives this reason high-sounding of heavy hand: “ ” of a yuan of airline ticket disturbed market economy order, be suspected of unfair trade competition. Make a person at this o'clock incomprehensible: Order of so-called market economy, it is competitive order actually, and the groovy means that ” of “ price war is market competition. As to ” of competition of “ unfair trade, it is the “ competition ” that shows the method that waits for blame market with adversary of production rumor bring shame on undertakes normally, wear this hat on low policy head, pure belong to unjust verdict.

Actually, a yuan of airline ticket is the sales promotion method of age airline nevertheless. It is reported, age airline begin navigation of enterprise of this civilian battalion two years many, airline ticket price is more average than the market the level became low 36% , can let benefit passenger substantially, because be good at practicing hard exercise to benefit the internal organs,be, everywhere careful calculation and strict budgeting. For instance, oneself clean engine room sanitation, is not the company protecting clean that asks major, wait in the demote since 2 kinds of relatively disengaged airports. Although managing cost, but in ensure safety flies respect, “ age ” however investment of be willing to part with or use is huge endowment. This makes China common taste at the beginning of common people cheap aerial flavor, also bring billow source of revenue to year company at the same time. 8 planes accumulate implementation profit two years 67 million yuan, in domestic be far ahead. Such airline and passenger double winning favour, however because why cannot get the encouragement of prices branch?

Premier Wen Jiabao carries ” of “ poor economics in those days, the most population that hopes people considers China still not rich, should let major person enjoy the advantage that brings to market economy. What should handle an issue most from the angle of ” of “ poor economics is a government. Is this is about to view a government compete in protection or protecting monopoly? From bureau of Jinan city price this piece punishs sheet to look, although punished big money, but common passenger space is cheap aviation is farther, this is not the pursuit of socialist market economy.

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