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Aviation is off-season policy of privilege of Shijiazhuang airport airline ticke
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November the first ten days of a month, shijiazhuang is deciding the airport many course published policy of privilege of multinomial airline ticket, disable armyman of student, teacher, baby, children, old person, revolution all has different favourable policy.

Among them most favourable policy is privilege of infantile airline ticket (be born full already 14 days but not full the baby of 2 one full year of life) , the 1/10 that infantile airline ticket is total value of normal airline ticket only and need not buy the airport to build cost and fuel surtax; Buy children airline ticket, need to spend the in part of total value of normal airline ticket only, and need not buy the airport to build cost, fuel surtax is the 1/2 of regular price, at present all operation airline all is opposite Heibei province civil aviaton baby, children implements this policy, the passenger can be at ease buy.

At present Heibei province student, teacher can be bought by him student's identification card or pedagogic card offer by Xiamen airline, Oriental airline and southern airline 5 lose favourable airline ticket, square airline of its middle east hold the need of airliner airline ticket that fly puts forward to apply for to just can be bought when buying a ticket, southern airline hold the need of airliner airline ticket that fly is bought 5 days ahead of schedule and sale of set limit to.

Revolutionary disable armyman and disable people police by " card of revolutionary disable armyman " or " people police disables card of comfort and compensate a bereaved family " buy offer by Xiamen airline, Oriental airline, Sichuan airline and Shanghai airline 5 lose favourable airline ticket.

At present Xiamen airline offerred airline ticket of privilege of red old age of the setting sun for the old person, every year full 60 years old of males, year full the citizen of 55 years old of females or hold " emeritus card " citizen, can enjoy 5 lose favourable airline ticket.

As we have learned, xiamen airline is saved in Heibei at present hold slungshot home Zhuang Zhihang city, Nanjing, Xiamen 3 course, oriental airline hold flying Shijiazhuang is consummate the sea, Nanjing, Chongqing, Kunming, Huhhot, big talk 6 course, sichuan airline hold course of Chengdu of flying Shijiazhuang —— , shanghai airline hold course of Shanghai of flying Shijiazhuang —— , southern airline hold flying Shijiazhuang reachs Guangzhou, Urumqi, Dalian, Harbin, 3 inferior 5 course.

The passenger is divided outside can enjoying above privilege airline ticket, shijiazhuang —— Xi'an island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty of —— of airline ticket of 200 yuan of special offer, Shijiazhuang airline ticket of 120 yuan of special offer (do not contain the airport to build cost and fuel surtax) will continue carry out this month, the passenger heads for Shijiazhuang each are big inside city booking office can be bought.

Introduce according to staff member of Heibei aviation booking office, at present the favourable policy of each airline is in buy the ticket, regulation that changes autograph or aspect of return a ticket endless and identical, the inquiry when hope passenger is buying airline ticket is fair.
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