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Na Hang frustrates one case " scamper machine " incident
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On March 7, na Hang flies to the airliner of Beijing to produce danger feeling by Urumqi, girl of one the Uygur nationality carries benzine bottle to board the plane be about to build aviation accident to be subdued, the plane tightens airport of urgent crash Lanzhou. Particular details of a case still is being investigated at present.
Empty elder sister smells benzine flavour
A suspect is subdued
The reporter learns through the reliable personage in Beijing, this airliner from fort of Urumqi ground nest the International Airport flew to Beijing 10:35 on March 7 morning, this message personage says, be one empty elder sister smelled first in flight route light benzine flavour, search according to the direction of odour, discover a girl of highteen the Uygur nationality is odour source very quickly, before going up, empty elder sister inquires, discovery is unusual, unit staff controls the suspect in tandem subsequently.
The gangster is about to be in closet
Ignite benzine bottle to detonate a plane
This view gets 9 days confirming, the in-house and urgent bulletin that by national civil aviaton total bureau issues says, the gangster is be multiplied what personnel discovers for nothing when benzine bottle is about to ignite to detonate a plane inside closet, gangster in all two, preliminary find out Xinjiang airport to install check respect to be put in major flaw really, danger of check of occurrence leakage of the personnel that install check makes Jing day calamity.
Plane crash Lanzhou
The passenger is safe and sound
Attending the whole nation in Beijing force discloses the Bai Ke of · of Er of exert of chairman of government of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of two meetings, 7 days morning, southern aviation flies to the plane of Beijing one class to produce danger feeling by Urumqi surely formerly. The somebody on machine attempts to produce aviation accident, favour is multiplied for nothing personnel discovers in time, after the gangster is subdued, plane 12:40 subsequently crash-land is in Lanzhou plain the airport, unit staff and passenger are safe and sound.
Whether be terrorist
Still examining in the center
It is reported, force of Bai Ke of exert Er · did not divulge on the meeting whether this one incident is terrorist carries the plane on benzine, but emphasize crime the suspect already was arrested and accepting careful to check, he says: "From the point of the spot, this is the incident that attempts to produce aviation accident together. What what I hope is unit staff takes decisive step, discover in time and checked this group is. This one case just happens, the suspect among the case is what kind of person, coming from where, purpose is what, have what kind of background, we are being examined in the center. We are being examined in the center..

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