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In plain the airport invites 15 societies supervisor to find fault to serve qual
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In the Lanzhou that hardware establishment improves ceaselessly plain the airport is in again brew stealthily new round promotion. A few days ago, 15 social supervisor that come from Lanzhou city disparate industry received the contract that airport company awards Lanzhou of group of Gansu Province airport, begin to take on case in be plain the airport serves “ integratedly to find fault ” , then the special obligation that “ feels pulse evolution ” .

Lanzhou airport company manages a layer to the course brews for a long time and consider cautiously, sincerity invited 15 societies to serve quality supervisor, regard the exterior “ eye that examine and evaluates airport passenger servive routine as ” , with perfecting the exterior supervisory mechanism of airport servive routine further, flow of the service system construction that urges the airport, service designs kimono Wu job to improve, in stimulative Lanzhou plain level of airport whole service strides higher administrative levels.

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