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Domestic machine fare hot city fares ever higher machine
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This reporter learned that the domestic flights market is performing , Hong Kong, Xiamen, Sanya and other popular cities ticket prices are higher, and some into the city tourist season, local fares sharply diving. According to Where the network data, although the region is still quoted in Xiamen 5 discount tickets, cheap tickets, but such moments were booked, the ticket prices in Hong Kong As Christmas approaches it becomes tight. In addition, in order to be Fair And the impact of the Asian Games, the Beijing-Guangzhou Festival tickets and no downward trend, the minimum discount of only 7 fold. Meanwhile, there are quite a few lines of the triple jump ticket prices. If Urumqi, Qingdao, a popular tourist city in summer, some routes can get 1 to 2 discount cheap air tickets. In addition, some regional flights (Referring to the short distance between the small cities to run non-mainline) prices also dropped significantly, where journalists go to the website to see the next two months, Beijing and other major cities in the starting part of the extension of domestic flights discount tickets are Not more than 3 fold, more fall into the bottom part of the route fare, such as the November 8 one-way ticket from Guangzhou to Chengdu, the price is 190 yuan, the discount is 1.5 fold. Where networks Yang, senior director of ticket products, said the next two months, more Number of domestic ticket prices will show a downward trend ladder, which will bring a lot of people travel benefits, if "to avoid heat to cold, choose this time to travel, will get a lot of benefits."
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