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China Civil Aviation University and Boeing to build Air Club
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Recently, sponsored by the Boeing Aviation Club, Civil Aviation University of China inaugurated in Tianjin. The club managed directly by the Civil Aviation University of Communist Youth League and guidance for all students to recruit members, carry out all types of students Branch Member Technological innovation projects, designed to help school students to build scientific and technological exchanges in the network of schools to provide students with a variety of participation opportunities for cooperation in research and innovation. At the same time, provide a starting point for the school students, international platform, through Through online collaboration tools, and other aviation club members to share ideas, conduct research projects, learn from each other and to Boeing's technical experts and consultants to learn. Boeing Vice President Al Bryant (Al Bryant) introduced the original intention of the establishment of the Aviation Club, being his own personal experience, to encourage students to participate in the Civil Aviation University Aviation Club, for aviation matters Industry to contribute their strength and wisdom. He said, "I hope this platform through the Aero Club to identify more people." It is reported that China Civil Aviation University of long cooperation with Boeing, as early as the 20th century, early 80s, Boeing Civil Aviation University of reconstruction out heavily in the training base, the base has become a national experimental teaching demonstration Units. Boeing Boeing is also information on the school established a special collections room and a unit of the world's only non-customer sites.
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