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Kunming Airport is expected to end all through high-speed system equipment inst
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A month later, the new airport is built in Kunming, sawed out? Yesterday (November 29), held in Kunming, the provincial government building of the new airport the tenth spot in 2010, the reporter was informed that, at present, the construction of the airport highway has been completed, is expected to be achieved across the board through the end. In addition, not only the appearance of the new airport in Kunming has been initially formed, and even the boarding bridge has also been set up shape. Provincial Standing Committee, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Li Hanbo, Liu Ping, Vice Governor attended the meeting. 500-meter runway will be extended east Command of the new airport in Kunming, said Jan. 31 next year, will be completed inside the cable terminal south curtain wall system installation (except for channel left port), to achieve full closure of the terminal; complete non-public areas of the terminal Renovation; completed terminal renovation of public areas 50% of the total project amount; completed the fixed-side metal roof boarding bridge, outside the curtain wall; completion of the terminal around the pipe network. Start date, Kunming new airport construction project amount of accumulated investment of 13.201 billion yuan in kind. Completed an investment of 556 million yuan in November, this year has invested 4.04 billion yuan. As of the end of November, Kunming new airport construction project to raise project funding total of 10.79 billion yuan. At present, Kunming new airport terminal to the electrical and mechanical equipment installation is completed by the end of the basic objectives of major systems and equipment installed sprint. Baggage system manufacturers, accelerating the arrival and installation of light rail stations to complete construction of the main structure. Airfield Asphalt Pavement testing in full swing. Airport Expressway is expected by the end of all through, to ensure the Airport Economic Zone supporting the end of the road opened to traffic. Currently, the Airport Economic Zone total investment 5.37 billion. Although the new airport highway to run through this year, but the vehicles can pass, at present, does not command the new airport to the answer. It is understood that the airport runway will be extended 500 meters east. System installation completed by the end Terminal electrical and mechanical equipment installation is in progress, basically completed by the end of major systems and equipment installed at the same time, the new airport baggage system is speeding up production, the arrival and installation. Currently, the total amount of 13,000 square meters of steel platform has most of the installation is complete; cabling, building automation, cable, power monitoring, intelligent lighting, and several other major mechanical and electrical system installation is a large area to start laying cable through pipes; security, intercom, broadcast and other systems to deepen the design has been completed and the full start-site installation. Terminal project on schedule to promote fire prevention system, fire alarm and fire control systems, water spray system, gas extinguishing systems, fixed fire extinguishing systems, water cannons room outside the main system, most have completed the laying of pipelines, has entered the room the installation stage. Light rail station, parking garage construction has been completed In addition, the light rail station to complete construction of the main structure, front end of the viaduct pier project could be completed; the parking garage expansion project on either side of the main structure of the construction has been completed; Approach Span steadily according to plan, present, except for some connection with the outside of the viaduct, concrete box beams have all construction is completed. Currently, the ceiling, walls, floors, handrails, glass partitions, and other renovation work has been in full swing. Reporters on the scene, at present, not only the appearance of the new airport in Kunming has been initially formed, and even the boarding bridge has also been set up shape. "The new airport boarding bridges Shui feet like a staircase, the first layer (downhill) is available for visitors arriving from the station, the second layer (uphill) is for incoming passengers boarding in a layer of Abduction and the foot layer is the gate. "Command official said, which cost several million a boarding bridge.
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