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New Year Spring Festival travel machine proposed fare increases to plan
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December contrast to the situation in the past discounted tickets can be said to be "the most crazy" a lot of booking sites have appeared in a couple of cheap tickets flying off the phenomenon. But as New Year's Day, Spring Festival is approaching, into January, the round-trip ticket prices across all sectors have begun a recovery in net bookings from the same platform process data, beginning in late December has been floating ticket discount to 5 fold so. Online ticket with the way men in charge of pe ace, told reporters, New Year, Chinese New Year family visit tide, tide trips followed, together with college students but also the upcoming winter, "from the end of this month to the Chinese New Year, most of the leg of the ticket price maintained at a high price. " Flights in Nanjing as an example: January 4, Nanjing to Guangzhou for the whole one-way discount airfares, 1180 yuan; January 13, Nanjing, Qingdao, one-way flight ticket price is 550 yuan, the discount is 7.1 fold; January 25, Nanjing, Jinan, one-way flight ticket price is 800 yuan for the whole pack ... ... "Originally intended to January 15 back to Nanjing, but there are things schools need to be addressed can only book tickets on January 20, five days before the results of price increases of nearly 300 yuan," a student from Wuhan University, told reporters his ticket for the whole book to the fold. Ma Heping said that the New Year and winter tourism during the Spring Festival travel season, and the public, all sectors from all over the ticket price fluctuations, and the holiday season around the ticket price is expected to be continued "strong", it is recommended to passengers in need 20 days or more in advance to book, "This can subscribe to a special vote, Da Zhepiao opportunities will be bigger."
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