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Chinese New Year bookings close to frequent fraud
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Into December, the stranger began working in Guangzhou, looking forward to pack up, travel the return home journey, the Nanfang Daily visitors within a week received a dozen readers Baoliao cheated. Recently, the author of a number of readers victimization survey found that the phenomenon of book special fares cheated a lot. Special ticket was originally "special fake tickets" Two days ago, Shandong Province in Guangzhou Zhao ready to work set a January 29 next year, airline tickets to return home. He scanned the various commonly used air ticket booking sites found near the New Year's week, flying from Guangzhou, Qingdao, fares are more than 1,500 yuan, almost no discount. When he was ready to log on the official website inquiries airline accident that hung out a lot of pages, "China Southern Airlines (9.41,0.00,0.00%), special ticket" sales hotline, Mr. Zhao of them call a phone number "4006999 × × ×" , answer the party is a self-proclaimed male clerk surnamed Wang. Clerk very simply put, special ticket sales, each only 1,080 yuan. "Clerk said tickets ordered and endorse at any time after, early delayed as long as there is no problem to find him." Clerk, said there are only four tickets, and may be bought at any time, I hope the decision as soon as possible. A few minutes later, the salesman also known as ticket only three. Zhao decided to immediately order book the last 3 tickets. When submitted to the ID number, for payment by credit card, the clerk has said that China Southern system is upgraded only through online banking or to the business point of transfer, credit cards can not be used, "but also to check out within an hour, otherwise the booking will automatically be canceled. " Hang up the phone, Mr. Zhao received a message from the 187 × × × × 8981 bookings of private cell phone number short interest, notice that it will import the bank's money to a private account. This caught his private phone alert. He then called the hotline Southern Airlines sales service hotline 95539 and learned that he contact the special telephone bookings is not Southern Airlines ticket hotline. "China Southern Airlines only 95539,4006695539 booking hotline." Customer service told him there is no sales that day said the system is being upgraded, credit card payments have been available. Yesterday, I verify to the China Southern Airlines, that Mr. Zhao met a false booking site. Money to get a single trip may make sense to Press survey found that although the behavior of these online booking false guise, but the original aim. Its main features are, under the cover name of the so-called low-cost promotional booking service, when deceived and victimized by the specified manner their private money to your account, these scammers are often content with the page name change, system upgrades and downtime pin number, etc. "disappeared." Earlier this month, going to the dry business of Wuxi, Ms., the search is a "Spring Airlines official website bookings," the Web site, fill out a booking in the network information, Ms. dry quickly received a reply to each other, so that she will airline tickets into the designated account. After the funds are received, the other excuses that requires 20 yuan insurance premium, or can not book it. At this point, Ms. dry finally found the so-called "official website" may be in the fraud, she returned to ask for booking airline tickets when to stop, hang up the phone for convenience. I also learned that many customers are fooled, but also because they do get a single trip. According to industry sources, some of the current line "black agency" first in order to lure passengers, low discount prices, to determine if the passengers to buy tickets, "black agency" to use their credit card to purchase from the formal real ticket agent, and then really ticket number on the ticket to pass passengers, but also played really a single trip. Once the passengers booking agent models into account a liar, the other quickly drained away the ticket. After booking their loved ones to take said customers disappeared There are often deceived by the phenomenon of booking agents. Sanya, Hainan's going to play before a lady, booked in advance through agents 3 tickets, call agents and 7,700 yuan, was informed of the number of tickets available to the other online inquiry, Ms. Yu was hit by ticket only to find themselves removed . She calls that the agent's phone, but could not get through. After some tracking, Miss Yu did not realize, is that an agent posing as the original Miss Yu's wife, require airlines ticket first, followed by payment. According to the airline staff in the self-proclaimed "Mr. Ma" (Miss Yu lover) when requested to contact the designated place, could not find, "Mr. Ma", phone can not contact the staff finally had to cancel the booking. Money to private accounts does not meet the booking process China Southern Airlines staff analysis said the transfer to the private accounts do not meet the airline booking process. Industry have suggested that passengers have to go to the regular ticket outlets to purchase ticket agent, when buying tickets to see The China Airlines Association outlets have issued qualification certificates, plaques and so on. If the consumer is the phone or online ticket booking, be sure to ask the agency's name, and then through the website of China Airlines of whether the informal agreement. Will be in regular Wangdian Association Cunyou related deposit flight, relatively safe. Second, before payment can be by phone 4008158888, website and send "JP" SMS to 1065800999 platform in three ways to verify the authenticity of a single trip.
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