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Zhuhai ocean big public house
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Marine hotel is located at the scenery on beautiful 9 continent harbor, sit according to hill the sea, air is fresh, be apart from Gongbei port 15 minutes car Cheng, convenient, quick public traffic makes you come inside short time amount to Zhuhai each are big shopping centers
Address: The road austral Zhuhai auspicious big sweethearts 428 (on station of 9 continent harbor

Book a phone: Hotel of 0756 - 3342111 2353065 / is downstage: Fax of 0756 - 3362333 / : 3262197

Traffic: 3, 4, 12, 99, 9 (station of 9 continent harbor gets off)

Keyword: Female auspicious of fishing of Zhuhai of road of sweethearts of auspicious big station is big dock of 9 continent harbor

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