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Big public house of Zhuhai Qinghua international (did not judge a star)
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Big public house of Zhuhai Qinghua international, according to international the standard is configured one, collect conference, business affairs, go vacationing the platinum that the function is an organic whole hotel of 5 stars class, by Qing Hua the group invests, confederative international hotel runs group plan and government. Depend on the economic actual strength with Qing Hua solid bloc, add hotel of international of state of the first line of a couplet on a scroll to manage the hotel management experience with old group, big public house of Qing Huaguo border is sure to make the excellent model of Zhuhai hotel industry. Big public house of Qing Huaguo border is located in Zhuhai city scenery the road austral beautiful sweethearts, face the Southern China with picturesque scenery, lie between sea facies to look with Macao. Hotel traffic is convenience, distance Zhuhai airport Cheng of 35 minutes of cars, gongbei port Cheng of 5 minutes of cars, 9 continent harbor Cheng of 3 minutes of cars, go to Hong Kong, guangzhou and Shenzhen need 70 minutes only, no matter business affairs or recreational go vacationing to go to the lavatory extremely. Building of big public house of Qing Huaguo border is 10 tall, by famous international senior stylist is designed, have the public house with resplendent and magnificent, extraordinary air is big, the guest room of 182 elaborate design and flatlet, created hotel job brand-new standard. Big public house of Qing Huaguo border sets independent administrative floor, lady floor and smokeless floor, have standard room, luxurious room, administration a variety of rooms such as flatlet of luxurious room, business affairs, administration flatlet, ambassador flatlet, president flatlet, always one suits you. Every guest room can admire beautiful sea, deployed international home to dial directly a phone, satellitic TV, confuse your bar, safe, electrograph and broadband Internet. Luxurious elegance has the Chinese meal office that type of palace front courtyard designs, 14 broadness fall the honoured guest room with seascape disparate style, and by renown hutch advocate the Guangdong tradition of manage and fascia dish type, those who advocating dietary culture is brand-new standard; The Western-style food hall of elegant bright and beautiful, gather up room, let a guest be in relaxed and carefree atmosphere, sample the various cooked food that we prepare meticulously; Japanese dining-room provides the day type food of traditional gust for you; Beautiful type bar, let you moving the experience in feeling to lie fallow, in classical in search move feeling; Old hall, know to already got together, the good place that business affairs negotiates; Tea art, you can sample here Chinese tea, the tea that admires a tradition art performance; Muti_function banqueting hall and assembly room, facilities facilities is advanced and all ready, more deserve to have simultaneous interpretation system, help you hold banquet and meeting successfully; Business affairs center owns comprehensive and advanced office facility, interpreter and secretary serve, no matter be recreational travel,be, still be business affairs gives the guest of travel to provide considerate and meticulous service. Big public house of Qing Huaguo border sets the gymnastical center that provides high-tech fitness establishment, room of sauna honoured guest, constant temperature swim pool, hairdressing beautifies hair center, high-quality goods inn, those who let you be far from a city in relaxed atmosphere is blatant, the body and mind of exhaustion of have a rest. You obtain body and mind to extend in busy business travel. Big public house of Qing Huaguo border will make you experience the service of the enthusiasm that celebrates a Chinese and meticulous in a subtle way, professional service staff offers 24 hours one-stop individuation serves, the warmth that lets you fill fission check to arrive home and comfortable.
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