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Zhuhai bay big public house (5 stars class)
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Hotel at 95 years practice, building is 14 tall. Thalassic big public house reposes at the road austral Zhuhai Gongbei sweethearts, back is verdant the general hill that is about to drip, be faced with the Southern China with vast blue waves; Be apart from Macao col and harbor of 9 continent harbor to fly greatly alar boat dock only Cheng of 5 minutes of cars, need car Cheng 45 minutes only toward Zhuhai airport, hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen can be arrived at inside 90 minutes when the ground, communication is very easy. An old hall sets warmth, considerate client service center, own the chute wine corridor of panoramic rockery, gather together the shopping bazaar of world famous brand, and look of Latin America of Yi Sha shellfish beautifies hair center, 2 set the dining room in the Tang Gong of antediluvian Gu Yun, the office of coffee Western-style food that has open mode kitchen and spot chef show, raise arch delicate the A mother-in-law noodle shop that holds quick and northward cooked wheaten food concurrently, and the ambitious banqueting hall that holds high-quality goods conference and party aptly and auditoria. Three-layer sets the center of fitness of complete seascape sauna with complete establishment, and decorate nightclub of bright phearl of luxurious exquisite east, 4 fitness center, swimming-pool, ping-pong room, mahjong room everything needed is ready, 5 are guest room area to 14, 273 advanced guest room mix elaborate design luxurious flatlet, no matter hill scene or seascape make a person euqally,be intoxicated. Price of retail sales of house of region of inlet of Gongbei of city of hotel address Zhuhai breakfast averages current price on the weekend valence of terms of payment A of condition of first days of room




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