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Big public house of Zhuhai blessing sea (SamSung class)
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The blessing sea big public house that practice decorated 2003 1995 reposes at the Zhuhai city with quiet and tastefully laid out environment, stand tall and upright in Gongbei port square on the west side, need 2 minutes only to Gongbei col on foot, traffic is convenient, be apart from downtown 4 kilometers, be apart from Zhuhai airport 40 kilometers, be apart from 9 continent harbor 15 minutes car Cheng. Enter this hotel to be able to be looked at be in nearly the Oriental Mengdekaluo that very close- - Macao is panoramic. The hotel has of all kinds house model 139, advanced and complete facility, excellent service, make you times feeling is comfortable and safe. High-grade belt includes office of room Chinese meal, style the Western-style food hall of each different, bar, coffee. Beautiful wine cate, clear alcohol is goluptious, satisfactory. Additional set hall of singing and dancing, hairdressing to beautify hair, the form a complete set such as sauna fitness center is advanced establishment. The hotel offers tourist guide service, generation to order the business such as entrance ticket of travel tourist attraction, airline ticket, train ticket, steamer ticket. Price of room breakfast retail sales averages current price on the weekend valence of terms of payment A of condition of first days of room




RMB 0 is downstage pay the bill


The exterior is big guest room

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