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Hotel of sea of Zhuhai another name for Guangdong Province (4 stars class)
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The hotel towers aloft to be handed in at the Hai Donglu of another name for Guangdong Province with Zhuhai flourishing Gongbei and lotus road collect place, comprise by the two sisters building that mixes 28 32 high respectively, the whole sealing crossover of road of lotus of over or across is two high-rise an organic whole repeatedly. Be located in east building the hall coming back of 29 buildings is the whirl with exclusive Zhuhai hall of Hai Xuan of dining-room — another name for Guangdong Province, general view of Nanhai beautiful scenery does not have involuntary discharge of urine. Hotel of sea of Zhuhai another name for Guangdong Province reposes at the cross-connecting area of Macao of —— of a sector of an area of Zhuhai trade center and Gongbei. Thing two buildings stand firm side-by-side, crossover is his an organic whole repeatedly, the exterior is grandiose, imposing manner dignified. The hotel shares 363 various guest room and administrative room and boarding house of 111 advanced business affairs. Set hall of singing and dancing, luxurious KTV to include room, local color dining-room, muti_function form of establishment of fitness of hall, peace and happiness, lotus outdoor swim pool, high-grade office building. Price of room breakfast retail sales averages current price on the weekend valence of terms of payment A of condition of first days of room




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