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Zhuhai - Heleisi (add this) inquiry of airline ticket of student studying abroad
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Range name Zhuhai of Han Sha aviation - Heleisi (those who add this) airline ticket of special offer of student studying abroad Set out Asia (Asia) - China (China) - Zhuhai (SHang Hai) Destination Europe (Europe) - Spain (Rhys of conspicuous of SPAIN AND CANARY ISLANDS) - (add this) (JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA) Grade of cabin seat or berth Tourist class One-way price 3900 yuan (referenced taxes: 897 yuan) Roundtrip price 7700 yuan (referenced taxes: 1999 yuan) Airline Lufthansa of airline of LH Germany Han Sha Aviation type A favourable turn of Frankfurt or Munich Most weak point retention 0 days the longest retention In December Issue date 2007-8-18 Set out the earliest date 2007-8-18 Most set out late date 2008-12-31 Date of the latest sale 2008-12-31 Regulation of change the date Poundage of change the date 830 yuan Regulation of return a ticket Poundage of return a ticket reachs relevant contact 830 yuan to expenditure is expended and serve cost, after airline ticket part already was used, must not return a ticket Remarks Student fare use condition: 1The passenger of 2-29 one full year of life, need to issue a student when giving a bill visa

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