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Guangzhou flies to price of main city airline ticket to go up
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The reporter arrives from net of the journey that carry Cheng and travel agent understanding, airline ticket prices begins 12 days to will appear from this month a Xiaogao is wet, the airliner discount that Guangzhou flies to countrywide main city all appears of different level litre. In addition, since September 8, because airline raised airline ticket price, so Beijing swims League membership dues goes up urgently 400 yuan, this action makes the Beijing line price of travel agent immediateness rise.

Because holiday has 3 days only mid-autumn, most

Citizen apt is provincial swim or the circumjacent province city inside circle of 1 hour of flights travels, be like 3 inferior, airline ticket of and other places of Xiamen, Changsha rises the biggest, xiamen has 7 to fold only almost at present and 8 lose a bill, 3 inferior in 5 fold to total value between, changsha also is in 6 fold to total value between.

Direction of Beijing, Shanghai because airliner order is much and activity of holiday business affairs decreases, the discount maintains basically fold in 4-7 between rise somewhat; In the meantime, china east directional Nanjing, Hangzhou still has 4 to fold the following discount ticket to sell on the foundation that appreciably rises.

Holiday ended mid-autumn on September 15, airline ticket instantly fall after a rise, if Guangzhou comes 3 inferior, 13 days rare 5 lose a bill, 14, 15 days appear namely a large number of 160 yuan 2 lose a bill (do not contain duty) . But upsurge gradually again as National Day drawing near, many course appears in lunar base total value bank note.

But the reporter also understands, brigade is processional this year of affection not hopeful your tourism is cut with low will explore the market, the integral price that during having travel agent golden week, home swims falls to be become slightly. According to introducing, travel agent 11 home swim depreciate circuit includes the popular product such as Beijing, Hua Dong, Shandong, Huang Shan, Guilin, Hainan. And at present Sichuan travel quantity still restores to be less than last year 3 into.

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