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11 travel buy airline ticket to have recipe
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As " 11 " draw near, aviation market with each passing day hasten is hot. According to carrying Cheng viatic net is monitored, september 28 will be the watershed of discretion of price of National Day airline ticket, want to make good time difference only, the passenger still can buy cheap airline ticket.

According to carrying Cheng Zhang Wei of inspector general of department of business of viatic net airline ticket introduces, generally speaking, of the golden week " from beginning to end " airline ticket is most nervous. Because many passengers can go out ahead of schedule,go, rise from September 28 actually, the airline ticket of domestic popular line begins insecurity, predict to give a height to be able to last to October 2 to control, the popular line airline ticket that this paragraph of time sets out, can buy basically only 8 fold above, bank note of total even value; Quantity giving a bill predicts to came to reached peak on October 1 on September 30.

Current, carry Cheng journey net to go up to set out from Shanghai on September 29 Li Jiang, can buy the airline ticket of first-class stateroom cabin only; On September 29, 30 days are flown to from Shanghai 3 inferior, Lhasa all is total value bank note; Came to flew to the travel such as Guilin, Qingdao, Chengdu, Dalian, Xiamen from Shanghai on October 1 on September 29 the airline ticket of popular city, the discount also is in generally 8 fold above.

And on October 3, ticket of 5 days of 4 day, this 3 nature's mystery is supplied relatively enough, price of partial travel course also somewhat fall after a rise, some course prices drop range is very big. For example, on October 3, shanghai is in generally to the airline ticket of Chengdu course 4 fold the left and right sides, shanghai has 5 to lose airline ticket to Zhengzhou lowest; On October 4, shanghai comes 3 inferior course has 4. The 5 airline ticket that lose.

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