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If why is airline ticket losing handled
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If the passenger loses passenger ticket, report a case to the security authorities to local police station or police station instantly please, obtain lose a proof. Deal with formalities of report the loss of sth to airline place agency next.   

The passenger when report the loss of sth must abide by the following to ask commonly:   

1, airline ticket report the loss of sth must leave station time in the airliner previously, and him hold Id original. This that is to say takes off in the airliner hind, or this person Id loses at the same time, airline the report the loss of sth passenger of reject a complaint.   

2, after passenger ticket losing, the passenger should use a phone in time or inform booking office face to face with buy time. Before be like airline ticket report the loss of sth, already was risked to use, risk retreat, airline also will not accept application of report the loss of sth.   

3, proof of airline ticket losing is issued in public security bureau of seat of airline ticket losing or police station.   

4, give the ground formerly in airline ticket, ask for former passenger ticket to order a sheet and remitter couplet photocopy each one.   

5, the passenger holds this person Id original, public security mechanism proves, reach order an odd remitter couplet arrives booking office is formal and written application report the loss of sth.    

After completing afore-mentioned step, in the proof passenger ticket was not risked to have, risk the premise that retreat to fall, booking office will be a passenger to issue one hang up to break a proof, ground of 30 days of after the passenger proves to be able to be stopped in passenger ticket period of efficacy by this immanent former report the loss of sth deals with refund formalities, if the passenger wants to continue range, answer to buy airline ticket afresh.

Passenger ticket losing is a headachy thing to the passenger, because of everybody of this our devotion hope passenger appropriate has kept oneself passenger ticket and Id, complete oneself journey happily. Some airline are met supply a piece of new bank note; Some airline can ask the guest buys a piece of ticket again, formalities is dealt with to airline again after returning Beijing, after awaiting the time that influences partly to a year one year, if did not happen,risk with, risk retreat, airline can inform guest or procuratorial refund.

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