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Price of golden week airline ticket is bullish
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The reporter did business in peace from many airline yesterday a know, this year " 11 " during the golden week, airline ticket of Nanjing flying Beijing already began " when the river rises the boat goes up too " . 28, 29 days, the airliner of Nanjing flying Beijing makes an appointment with 30 sortie, the airliner that go to Beijing all is bank note of 1010 yuan of total value, lowermost discount is only also a few 7 lose a bill.

Predict till yesterday, 28 days afternoon at 2 o'clock half later, the airline ticket lowest that flew to Beijing that day is 9 fold, on September 29 - during October 5, go there and back to be total value bank note more. Especially on October 4, 5 days " ticket of the return after the section " , even if was bought ahead of schedule recently, already also resided do not fall high.

During the golden week besides Beijing course hot outside, nanjing flies other country each big city the price of a ticket is apparent also rise. Express inside course of study, as a result of 51 golden weeks " shrink " , during adding an Olympic Games mostly family " stay behind " watch a match, former the most passenger of go on a journey of summer vacation time, will use only this year go on a journey length a holiday, many citizens also want to go to Beijing experiencing the Olympic Games place such as cubic metre of bird's nest, water.

Nevertheless the personage inside course of study reminds, if the citizen prepares long holiday,go on a journey must buy a ticket ahead of schedule as soon as possible. Long after all holiday " section around " airline ticket price is more expensive, if the passenger can be in ahead of schedule 28 go out before day, perhaps arrive after October 5 return, or do not add an option to airliner hour, also can buy more substantial airline ticket during travel golden week.

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