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Sheet is bought for the risk first before outdoors activity sets out
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Recently, kilimanjaro of Africa of unripe ascend of Zhuhai officeholder Zhang Shao is missing mysteriously be related causes heat to discuss on the net, aggravate people is right the worry of outdoors activity security. The reporter interviews discovery, sex of as high as outdoors activity risk is comparative, consciousness of many asinine friendly safety still thin with vacancy. Friend having an ass thinks, friend of the ass when outdoors activity considers each each, cooperative sex causes an accident not quite again and again. The lawyer says, mobile organizer causes an accident because of neglect, even if has avoid duty declare, also ought to take into consideration the circumstances assumes responsibility.

Outdoors activity security is ignored mostly

Incident caused many attention on the net recently, the netizen's eristic focus basically is centered on the problem that responsibility differentiates, to the security of outdoors activity itself, criterion almost by people neglect.

In skyline forum, many netizens are born with respect to Zhang Shao be missing to be related expression sympathizes with and regret while, think mountain-climbing activity itself is very dangerous, the ass is friendly ought to conceited its duty, cannot have an accident to blame the problem to teammate body. This kind of viewpoint has the market quite. The online investigation that netizens launch in skyline forum shows, only the netizen of 44.4% thinks outdoors activity is medium, asinine friend is responsible the safety that assures a companion. Only a few faint sound are appealing, the website adopts head ass attestation to make to outdoors activity, with enhancing security from the system, avoid similar tragedy to repeat.

Zhuhai is outdoors activity still like a raging fire

Zhang Shao's unripe accident is missing as a small episode, did not cause Zhuhai ass friend people enough vigilance. Be in Zhuhai open forum, the card that about him mountain-climbing is missing is in only merely original a few days drew what friend of a few asses takes a pity quite to follow post, sank very quickly, the ass is friendly people attention immediately of rich and colorful be gettinged on by forum outdoors call together mobile place to attract, move.

The reporter browses discovery, be in Zhuhai open forum, such as “ drives berth of Luo Bu of Xinjiang of ” of line of north of Tibet of another name for Yunnan Province, plain Tibet, “ to pass through oneself ” of Tibet of October of ” , “ , Nepalese, India those who contain expeditionary character is outdoors call together mobile at present still ground of like a raging fire is undertaking, according to preliminary count, only all sorts of activities amount to more than 20 before October. And some mobile initiator still are continueing to use apply colours to a drawing of thick Mo Chongcai the hard dangerous and difficult road of the course, so that instigate the conquer desire of asinine friend, the person that sign up scramble for sth.
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