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Zhuhai area a region of rivers and lakes swims on the west
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Crocodilian island is travel of the first collect of Chinese and scientific research the crocodilian breed base that is an organic whole, breed crocodile hundreds, the crocodile that passes training can perform a program jointly with the person unexpectedly, appearance is fresh, provocative, jing and without danger, make a person happy be not banned oneself. Lantern Sha Hui came together 13 travel project, it is seek by inquiry the main chance of austral local customs. The tug-of-war on boatrace of performance of the wedding of a region of rivers and lakes of full of humour and wit, net, dragon boat, water, be full of austral amorous feelings. White cane lake is the first farmer of Chinese goes vacationing village, beauty spot of travel of white cane lake, be full of characteristic of full-bodied austral and rural a region of rivers and lakes, the farmer of white cane lake with far famed Er goes vacationing village, be located in the lakefront that emerald green Liu Xianhua sets off one another. Here, all can enjoy “ water edge, feed seafood, enjoy the fun of surface ” .

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