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HongKong and Macow of Zhuhai dweller individual swims handle card 6 paces music
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Handle card the first pace:
The application form that get
The police station of 1 , nearby.
2, the point handling card that establishs newly:
Xin Xiangzhou: Be good at civilian road 147 (sports center on the west on the door)
Fight The door: The road in hill of annulus of well bank guard 3
Gold Bay: The red flag presses down cany hill 2
3, online download prints: w w w . a of z h g . g o v . c n
Attention: Form front and rear requirement are printed in same piece on A4 paper.

Handle card the 2nd pace:
Fill in application form
Can use a pen only or sign the pen fills in, cannot use ball-point pen. The application form of the download on the net asks paper of laser printer A4 is printed, application data can fill in with computer, but autograph must hand autograph.

Handle card the 3rd pace:
Duplicate Id, booklet of registered residence, take a picture
Can copy Id and page of data of individual of booklet of registered residence directly in application form the reverse side, also but additional duplicate is in same piece on A4 paper. The citizen can go to Home Heyi to take a picture dot, to cameraman statement is illuminated " pass of come-and-go HongKong and Macow " photo, for blue ground without hat half body head portrait. Photo dimension: 33 m of 48 × m . Paste a piece of photograph on application form.

Handle card the 4th pace:
Pay fee
The sort of attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it that applicant him basis chooses arrives first this city an any agricultural banks or traffic bank pay cost of production of individual travel papers and fee of attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it.
Rate: 1 , " pass of come-and-go HongKong and Macow " certificate cost of production 100 yuan of / this.
2, cost of attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it: See next tables.

Handle card the 5th pace:
Submit a data

The data of test of hand over item by item handling card that the applicant manages a bank to hand in original of booklet of registered residence of the cost bill, application form that already had filled, Id and photocopy to Xin Xiangzhou, Doumen, Jin Wan. The applicant must make a list personally under above of 16 one full year of life, 60 one full year of life, answer concerned inquiry. After procedure of the application that finish, take receipt.

Handle card the 6th pace:
Obtain evidence
Can choose two kinds of way:
1 , by fast give a company to send an applicant to appoint an address certificate, the applicant obtains evidence by receipt and Id. Can doing card dot to pay fee first before making application form.
2, in day of time doing a form condition of discrepancy of public security bureau reaching city manages window of place hair card to get card by applicant Id, receipt handling card, entrust other generation to get, still must show the acting id card that get a person.
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