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The theme of Zhuhai travels
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Theme one: Sightseeing of Zhuhai urban district swims

Resort of “ China travel city of Zhuhai of 40 beautiful ”—— , it is the special economic zone of Chinese reforming and opening, the ground receives Macao, water connects Hong Kong, be one nation hand in collect a place. Zhuhai city natural scene is beautiful, travel is resourceful, draw near according to hill the sea, picturesque scenery, town planning construction is elegant and chic, it is burgeoning littoral garden city. The round Ming Xinyuan that attract worldwide attention, culture of China of be in harmony, West culture, history culture, business culture, travel culture, food culture at an organic whole, press a circle 1:1 of bright garden former conditionScale copy built partial landscape, center emersion in those days round the brilliant scene of bright garden. Long fill island of unabated Macao annulus to swim alone attractive, of the brigade that is tourist Zhuhai pick an item surely. Be apart from Macao only the lie between bay young dock of one water has annulus island noctivagant, the tourist can view and admire multicolored Macao dim light of night. Shi Jingshan is the central commanding elevation of Zhuhai city, became famous in order to blame stone, element has ” of “ stone zoo say. Stand in the summit, north looks at Hong Kong, south Macao of look into the distance from a high place, all can receive Zhuhai beautiful scenery more at eye ground.

Theme one: Historic site of Zhuhai cultural relic swims

Ground of Zhuhai content Hua Tianbao, an outstanding personality is clever. Far in be apart from today the The Neo-lithic Age 5000, have here first breath of the people's livelihood works, stay vestigial everywhere. Ever was born on this beautiful land a batch of people with lofty ideals. The arrogant of an outstanding personality such as the Tang Shaoyi, Chen Fang, Su Zhaozheng, Lin Wei civilian, group that allow a country child the pride that is Zhuhai person. Revolutionary pioneer Sun Zhongshan ever also kept revolutionary track of brightness in Zhuhai. The hill before plum brook memorial archway stands tall and upright at Zhuhai presses down plum brook village, it is Guang Xuhuang the ancient building that clear government of Di Yuci the first to be appointed to an office is stationed in Chen Fang of Honolulu consul general, for Guangdong province key cultural relic protects an unit. Chen Fang is our country overseas Chinese the first millionaire, in thing of home town wide do good works. The stone memorial archway with grand lofty, build artistic high-quality goods for carved stone of late quiet period. In all Eden is clear the political circles at the beginning of end civilian important, Ceng Renmin country allow the illicit home garden of ministerial premier Tang Shaoyi. Extensive plant name spends strange grass in garden, it is the semi-tropical plant base of quite rich great reputation. The Venus horn of Qi bay island ever was the Opium War the dak of opium of smuggling of eve flower, beautiful businessman. In July 1836, in Qi of bay island villager courageously below beat back, will flower, beautiful businessman drives leave the country and force flower business to compensate for 3000 two silver, build ” of street of this “ Bai Shi, become China fight on the history flower the testimony that the first victory obtains in the fight. The cacique Su Zhaozheng with our country crackajack labour movement (1885-1929) it is Zhuhai person. Ever organized start the province harbor that astonishs China and foreign countries to go on strike greatly. Its former residence is in Qi bay island is open, the sea glow park that is in the urban district is standing tall and upright his statue. Sun Zhongshan former residence is located in be apart from Zhuhai downtown the village of emerald green go smoothly of 10 much kilometers. The building of match well of Chinese and Western is Mr Sun Zhongshan to be designed personally, valuable cultural relic historical data showed the mark of monumental course of study of this great person.
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