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Zhuhai freedom goes
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? Traffic Guangzhou - Zhuhai drives oneself: By the annulus austral Guangzhou the freeway stands via 3 cellar give in 105 nations line to reach Zhuhai, 151 kilometers. Yi Ke by south annulus high speed is given in via Tuhuali wide bead the freeway reachs Zhuhai. Knapsack swims: In the morning 08:30 take in Guangzhou gymnasium to Zhuhai sweet continent regular bus (every 15 minutes of one class) , can arrive at Zhuhai 15 minutes 2 hours sweet continent. When returning, the bus that answers Guangzhou can be taken in doorway of drive hot spring. Drive oneself inside Zhuhai city: The edge is wide bead after the freeway is pressed down to Jin Ding, via sweet Tang Lu - Mei Hua road - Jin Fenglu, again abduct highway of way of beauty spot of Xiang Fenghuang hill, farming division marvellous spectacle, 4 big Fosan can come all right before. Return way of classics bright phearl along former road next - Lan Pu road can come round Ming Xinyuan. Highway of classics Zhuhai big bridge, Zhuhai can come to Doumen town drive hot spring. Knapsack swims: After getting off, take 6 cars to arrive go up to turn to checkpoint 41 cars, be in " 4 big Fosan " below the station, to " 4 big Fosan " scene area; Take 41 cars return trip, in " farming division courtyard " the station gets off, to farming division marvellous spectacle; Take 41 cars or trailer coach to arrive round Ming Xinyuan. In sweet continent take hot spring of 209 Che Keda drive, the journey 1 half hours. ? Grass carp of fragile flesh of shopping Na Bing, Zhuhai creams wind of the litchi of bug of standing grain of Ling of bone of water of teal of arrowroot of pink of Ou of pink of crab, white cane, horizontal hill, white cane, male Wu, white broadleaf plant, Chinese littleleaf box, prawn, small orange that hold hill in the palm, gold. ? The tourist attraction introduces 4 big Fosan to be located in the phoenix hill of hill Qing Shuixiu, down hill situation with 1:1hill of scale returning China's famous given name of 4 big Buddha - hill of Zhejiang general Tuo, Anhui the main building of 5 hill reachs hill of delicate eyebrows of 9 Mount Hua, Sichuan, Shanxi scenic spot, part of general Tuo hill already built and open to the outside world. The ancient building inside scene area is artistic and masterly, figure of Buddha is statuary modelling is elegant, belfry hefts 7000 jins pensily " big Lv Tongzhong " it is can weighs a special skill more. Entrance ticket: 30 yuan of traffic: 41 cars can come. Farming division marvellous spectacle is located in Shuang Longshan of brook of Zhuhai city plum. 3 annulus hill, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, look around for tourist with quiet and tastefully laid out and chic rurality. Watch spot to have: Garden of rare melon and fruit, conservatory cultivates philharmonic society of fruit garden, desert arboretum, birdie, butterfly without earth orchid production and be on sale garden of center, the Eight Diagrams and farmhouse are recreational field. Establishment of form a complete set has: Farming family dining room, can provide delicate environmental protection reach characteristic farmhouse meal without healthy and vegetable of social effects of pollution, good potherb set; Open Nongkete to produce bazaar and flowers, potted be on sale field, can visit already can purchase again. Entrance ticket: 25 yuan of traffic: Travel sightseeing bus, 41, "Farming division place " below the station. Accommodation: The Shuang Longshan Zhuang Hexue that Nongkeji watchs gives birth to battalion area. Round Ming Xinyuan is located in Zhuhai city 9 continent below hill of highway stone forest. Cover an area of 1.39 square kilometer, thing north 3 annulus hill, with Beijing circle bright garden burns the building previously is manuscript, press 1:1scale restores to be nodded when the year's harvest, it is the archaize travel landscape with an infrequent all over the world. Recreational activities has east of drama of large singing and dancing divine bead, setting performance has clear Gong Qingdian, Manchu amorous feelings, marriage to celebrate etc, still have show of Beijing opera highlights from operas. Entrance ticket: 90 yuan (holiday 100 yuan)   traffic: 1, 12, 25, 30, 40, 60 cars can come. Golden beach is located in Zhuhai airport east side, span 2300 meters, rice of 0.5-0.9 of depth of water, the area is 103 square kilometer. Wave delay wave is light, sandiness softness, below sunshine Yi Yi is born brightness, suit to lie fallow very much go vacationing. Entrance ticket: 10 yuan of traffic: Zhuhai urban district is multiplied 201 in terminal of Ba Dasan kitchen turns by 102 in cling to nonstop; The urban district is multiplied 207 in Badazhu expresses a station to turn on sea airport by 102 in cling to nonstop; In Gongbei bead the edifice can multiply taxi of yellow of airport return trip to arrive directly. Phone: Hot spring of 0756-7781646, 7781467 drive is located in town of Doumen of Zhuhai Doumen county. Be large muti_function holiday resort of travel of hot spring of gardens type open air, set a variety of 20 characteristic hot spring that have sanitarian function, deserve to many large steam bath, sauna, standard massages massage room and " drive Le Gong is muti_function hall " , " big wine shop of drive full hall " wait for recreational food establishment. Indoor hot spring sets honoured guest house, still card pulls OK, pick ear, wait for a service by foot, bath foot, massage physiotherapy. Collect fees: Bath of outdoor hot spring every 98 yuan (do not be restricted time) , include to enjoy all sorts of characteristic hot spring, sauna, steam bath, gym, sweet house aing kind of sweet grass to reach rest hall is free drink, fruit, cake. Business hours: 24 hours. Traffic: 209 are in " drive hot spring " below the station. Smooth Sha Wenquan is located in Zhuhai in the shallow beach that the area makes the same score sanded precinct southwest on the west, make an appointment with 30 kilometers from Zhuhai urban district. This spring heats up a spring to contain siliceous high temperature, water is warm be as high as 76 ℃ , contain a variety of is opposite human body is good mineral, comfortable at cure, it is famous maritime hot spring. Fare: Grow up 30 yuan, children (1 meter the following) half price, holiday is changeless; Room of hot spring honoured guest: Two-men 238 yuan, 3 people 268 yuan; Other collect fees: Bell of head of massage physiotherapy room 55 yuan of / , add a bell 45 yuan of / . Business hours: 09:30- morrow 01:00   traffic: Multiply 208 cars to be able to come. White cane lake goes vacationing the village is located in Zhuhai Doumen churchyard, 3 kilometers are in Jing An southeast the town. Face of lake of white cane lake 10 square kilometer, farmer of white cane lake goes vacationing village (now incognito for Bai Teng lake Yi Leyuan goes vacationing village) build in lakefront. Already built more than 10 to have distinguishing feature each now go vacationing village, restaurant of villa of gardens of the architectural that overlook a lake, luxurious guesthouse, seafood all reposes in lake light in water quality, be in order to travel, go vacationing, the tourist attraction that recuperate gives priority to, have guesthouse, villa more than 100. Recreational establishment has terraqueous casino, beach swim offing of motor boat of field, motor, Pearl River swims, Macao offing swims, still have the park such as the fruit of horticultural type, lotus, flowers, sweet potato, sample for the tourist and view and admire. Dining-room can furnish along with season all sorts of seafood, the lotus root of white cane lotus that still bug of the river snail that does not have local flavor, standing grain, teal, moorhen, standing grain spends Qiao Hejiu to enjoy great reputation. Crocodilian island park is raising many 300 crocodile, there are alligator of Ma Laie, Thailand and Chinese alligator in existing breed. Traffic: 101, 203, 209 cars can come. The bank of bay of sea of Home Tang annulus that folds stone to be located in scene charming and gentle. Two bizarre megalith are overlaping each other, unpluggingly and case, hold one's head high hero inspects a harbour. There is place of gentleman of millet of bang of Great Master of Chinese famous painting and calligraphy to inscribe on cliff " sea day baffle " 4 big character. According to legend folds stone is together " geomantic stone " , the rich and popular of silver-colored now hole battles completely this stone. Need not entrance ticket. Traffic: 3, 10, 66 are in " fold stone " below the station. The road austral sweethearts of sweethearts road cent (be located in Gongbei) with sweethearts north road (be located in auspicious big, sweet continent) , sweethearts road from Gongbei garden of China of another name for Guangdong Province begins, hotel of big public house of bay of by way of, 9 continent harbor, Jin Yi, seaside swim the well-known view travel such as bay of female, censer nods fishing of field, Zhuhai, because of its scenery beautiful, Hai Tao blast blast, air is fresh, it is Zhuhai citizen especially sweethearts people recreational the good place that take a walk, so this road is Zhuhai person sweethearts road. Traffic: Take 99 cars or sightseeing bus to visit this. Clew: Dusk wave light is glaring when twilight of the setting sun, it is the time with maximum sweethearts, on the two-men stool of roadside, it is pair of lovers, can experience sweethearts road atmosphere most at the moment. ? Special clew 1, this line assemble the famous travel tourist attraction inside Zhuhai city, already scene of garden of famous hill name, have comfortable hot spring bath again, come to Zhuhai might as well for the first time choose this route. 2, Zhuhai crosses false village hotel to bicycle is hired, hire is hour of 10 yuan of / . 3, blame Zhuhai dweller enters Zhuhai to need frontier defence proof, if did not do good beforehand, can deal with in Zhuhai checkpoint temporarily frontier defence card, what need time very short and convenient, poundage is person of 10 yuan of / , a week of period of efficacy. 4, the road welcoming guest of Zhuhai is one compares distinctive road, night scene is pretty good, it is one of areas with the most flourishing Zhuhai, road both sides is very much enlighten bazaar of hall, bar, size, if be fond of shops,a surprise should be here. 5, there is shopping mall of road of a lotus on Gongbei port edge, sell various small commodities, 3 paces one inn, 5 paces spread out, very lively.

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