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Price of 11 airline ticket rises force is striking
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Net of the journey that carry Cheng released an information yesterday, the airline ticket price during National Day appears the low characteristic between bicephalous high school, period of time gives the visitor among optional choose row.

The airline ticket of net of the journey that carry Cheng books a circumstance to show, the airline ticket price that heads for each travel city came 30 days on September 28 between appear to rise considerably, special on September 29, the peak of airline ticket price that returns from each big travel destination appears in on October 4, 5 days.

Look from specific line, begin from September 28, the city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou is flown to 3 inferior, the airline ticket price of the popular travel destination such as Guilin, Xiamen rises considerably, go up more than 30% , among them the price of airliner airline ticket that Beijing, Chengdu flies to Guilin holds total value basically. Be in especially on September 29, the airline ticket value that each district flies to popular travel city is basic total value.

On October 4, 5 days, as the arrival of height of return trip of National Day travel, 3 inferior, the airline ticket price that the travel city such as Guilin, Xiamen sets out rises quickly again. But the price is not the airline ticket during National Day to upsurge all the time, during arriving 3 days on October 1, airline ticket price appeared to drop considerably, of partial route drop achieved even 50% .

Zhang Wei of chief inspector of business of airline ticket of net of the journey that carry Cheng introduces, because National Day is this year the last long holiday, each respect has to this anticipate very high, this brings about airline ticket to rise in price directly, selection of tourist of travel of proposal plan lay off goes after October 1 row.

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